Trendy Pet Cat Tent with Attached Cat Scratcher | Removable Bolstered Microfiber Pillow

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Brand: Pet Trendy

Color: Sea Blue


  • Give your kitty a cozy place to call home! Ultra- soft bedding gives your cat a plush, warm and enclosed space they are sure to love!
  • Ever notice how cats like to hide? Under the bed, beneath the couch, under the covers and even inside a shoe! Cats love this tent, see it for yourself!
  • Durable fiberglass poles create a strong structure that wonÕt unfurl
  • Attached cat scratcher comes with catnip pocket! Multi-functional design will have your cat falling in love with this tent
  • Tent measures 21 inches in length, 21 inches in width, and 18.8 inches in height

Publisher: Momentum Home 

Details: This luxuriously soft cat tent is sure to please your catÕs instinctual desire to curl up in a cozy, enclosed space. Using the same sleek pattern as our superb pet bed, and available in three stylish colors, this tent will contribute to the beauty of your home. Keeping in mind that one of the best parts of cat ownership are the endless laughs, this tent will be a new fun space for you and your pet to bond. This item includes a scratcher wall which attaches right onto the tent itself using sturdy fiberglass poles. Also included is a handy inner pocket hidden behind the scratcher for all important cat nip! This tent comfortably fits cats of all breeds, and is ideal for kitty to curl up and take a nap. Hand wash only, air dry.

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