Ready America Cat Evacuation Kit

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Brand: Ready America


  • 5 Year shelf life pouch water
  • 5 Year shelf life cat food and pouch water
  • Convenient water bowl
  • Pet carrier

Details: Keep a disaster from becoming a 'cat-astrophe' with this Cat Evacuation Kit. This kit contains everything you need to sustain your cat for three days. This kit comes with a three-day supply of cat food and water (food and water have a 5-year shelf life). You'll also get a litter box, a four-pound box of litter, a collapsible travel bowl, pet wipes, a six-piece first aid kit, and a safety collar. This kit also contains a fun ball with bell, and a package of treats to help your furry friend feel more relaxed. This kit comes inside of a soft-sided nylon pet carrier, which has been rated for pets up to 25 pounds. Enjoy the peace of mind you will feel when you are prepared for any emergency with this Cat Evacuation Kit.

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